Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blooming Summer Inspiration

Though we've had a handful of sweltering days, the majority of June has consisted of days with temperatures in the 70s and evenings in the 50s. Call me crazy, but that's just lovely! If it could be 50 to 70 degrees all the time, you know, like Fall, I'd be oh-so-content. There's also been quite a bit of rain with a few nasty storms. Normally, alot of rain and gloom would put me in a glum mood, but the aftermath of so much rain is making me smile: EVERYTHING is green!
Plants are flourishing. Small prairie areas are full. With so much green, and additional color from flowers, it's hard not to feel a refreshing wave of happiness in the air. And so, I give you a few tidbits of blooming summer inspiration.

1. "Sculpting the City's Flora" over on ETSY's blog, the Storque is lovely, short article about the International Garden, an old-fashioned flower shop in Manhattan. Writer Michelle Traub interviews Ania Czyzewska, the daughter of the shop's owner, Maria. There's a sense of romantic nostalgia that comes through shop description and interview. Ania mentions, "Flowers are a lost a letter. They're full of significance and meaning."

2. Bloom (Disney Remix) by Pogo
I found out about this video and Pogo from The Hairpin.

Frolic through some flowers. Or dance around your apartment. Either way, you might want to make sure no one is watching. Unexpectedly getting caught doing either can lead to some sheepish grinning.

3. Kermit the Frog
As if I could ever mention "everything is green" without noting Kermit the Frog.
It's not that easy being green.

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