Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tutti Flutti

There are days where something musical hits me and I remember that I was going to be a professional floutist.

Yep. In high school I had my mind set that I was going to study music in college. I had been tooting my flute since 4th grade and wanted to do little else for a profession except possibly teach. Eventually my dad told me he didn't think I'd make it in the music world. Later, when I was actually in college (studying English, but playing in the extracurricular band) I reminded him of this and informed him that it was the reason I didn't continue with my musical education. (He felt real bad afterwards.)

Who knows if it could've really worked out for me. But when I was senior in high school, I thought perhaps I'd teach music instead. Not too sure what happened to that idea. It was a toss up between music and English. The grammar won.

I still love my music though. Every now and then I pull out my flute and practice. And in the warm, cozy times of winter (or late fall, like today) I get the urge to listen to classical music and show tunes. Then I think, "If I only kept working at it..."

Bonus of fact of the day:
I used to play this song like it was the last thing I'd ever, EVER do in this world. I'd still love to find an orchestral version for flute, rather than the easy songbook.

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