Monday, November 7, 2011

We're Entering the Heart of Darkness

Yep. It's that time of year again. We're entering the heart of darkness, or the dreaded-long-depressingly-gray-cold times in the Midwest. Daylight savings time went into effect yesterday. I didn't notice it that much.

Then today came. Monday. The start of the work week.

The sky was gray and dim the moment I woke up. You could tell by the color and the bare branches outside that it is the tail-end of fall. But alas! Due to the dreary skies, there is no distinguishing light for the morning through the afternoon. But I'll be darned if the drive home from work didn't show the seasons true colors--BLACK.

It was a black world I descended into with my little car. The expressway was full of lights, and my depth perception was already lost to the night. When I walked in the door, it felt like 8 pm. The clock read 5:15. And then I was officially baffled. It is a rare occasion that I get home that early, but unconceivable that it would be dark out already.

The time change brought the night and took away the potential for daylight after work. As I said, we have entered the heart of darkness my friends. And in no way is this an approving nod to the Joseph Conrad novel The Heart of Darkness. That story is possibly be even more depressing than the impending Chicago winter. But it has a helluva title.

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